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I have been riding Nortons (even a Moto Guzzi) now for over 40 years and have worked in repairing electronics for about the same time. I started AO Services in 1976 with mail order electrical parts for British Bikes as well. I have written and advised in many club magazines over the years especially the Norton Owners Clubs' Roadholder. Hopefully my advice has been correct and I have helped to keep 'your' bike on the road safely. We now find that I am putting together as much of this information as possible in one place here so that the words are not altered by magazines editors.

I will be showing simple ways of testing, to remove the guesswork and the fear of the black art of electricity. We will deal with battery charging and electronic ignition as the main subjects. This is an ongoing project that has just started (Dec 2014) so if your problem is not covered here then please ask.

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