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Dynamo Regulator

Dynamo Regulator


This is a solid state encapsulated regulator for motorcycles using the Lucas E3 type dynamo. The NanoContols dynamo regulator is designed to replace the mechanical regulator with modern reliable semiconductors, and can handle up to 100W (requires good cool airflow) at 6V and even more for the 12V version, provided the dynamo is capable of delivering this power. The regulator must be used with a known good automotive battery (minimum 5Amp-hours) and is guaranteed, subject to correct fitting and use with a known good dynamo.

Voltage & Polarity

WARNING: Ensure you fit a regulator of correct polarity and you set the desired voltage.

As manufactured dual voltage regulators are set to operate at 6V.
To select 12V operation cut and seal the green loop wire.

For 6V operation the GREEN loop wire is intact.
For 12V operation the GREEN loop wire is cut and sealed (with epoxy or silicone)

Full Installation Instructions

Positive (+) Earth, with a red earth wire Fitting Sheet (pdf, opens in a new tab).
Negative (-) Earth, with a black earth wire Fitting Sheet (pdf, opens in a new tab).

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