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Lucas RITA ignition systems

Rita Ignition parts


Lucas stopped making the RITA amplifiers sometime in the 1980s. Mistral Engineering who turned this ‘car’ originated amplifier into a bike ignition by building the hardware for the mounting, stumbled on into the 2000s with spares and Sales of New old stock. When Mistral Eng final closed I purchased all the older parts. This included a few Amplifiers that can be put into working order and a whole load of Pickup covers and brackets. These are now available to purchase. As is my repair service for the AB11.

The AB5 (earlier unit in finned box with resistor on the outside and a 5 pin plug is very wasteful of battery/ignition current (ie uses twice the power of the AB11) is not easily or economical to be repaired and it is recommended to be replaced with the AB11. This is ONLY a matter of changing from the 5 pin to the 3pin and 2 pin plugs. Ignition coils, pickups and performance are completely identical (provided you have the ignition/battery power).

If you need any spare covers or brackets please get in touch, while if you have lost spark then check out the RITA information in my info sheets.

The amplifier units are very reliable, hence ‘no spark’ is mostly found to be coils or a pick up malfunction. Check through the info sheet well before blaming the amplifier.