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Encapsulated Silicon Bridge Rectifier

Bridge rectifier


We have sold this item for many years; it is extremely reliable and out performs the black Lucas item we have used for many years. But of course it is a basic bridge rectifier and hence does not incorporate any form of regulation (would normally be used with the Zener diode on a 12V system). These rectifiers can be used on 6V and 12V systems. In fact they have a high voltage specification so they withstand the high voltage spikes that originate from the ignition system.


The central hole needs a 5mm (2BA) bolt and mounting on to a flat metallic surface as a heat sink (can be painted). (but no curved mudguards) The case is isolated. So the choice of earth is yours and due to ± that you connect to earth.

Bridge rectifier


Villiers (maybe Ducati, and early Bantams FB, and other small engines from the 1950s etc) Have different ‘rectifier’ set ups. Mostly this rectifier will do the job, but I have to advise the connections in each case. So please supply a printed copy of what your engine has as a generator, so I can advise. The very large round grey items were Selenium-they need to be replaced by this silicon rectifier with the appropriate connection advisories.

If you have a regulator/rectifier that is suspect in any way ie no battery charging. Then check the alternator as per ‘Alternator colours and testing’ (PDF opens in new tab) then use a basic encapsulated rectifier, which might replace battery charging (but without regulation). This would prove that the alternator and the bikes wiring are in good order.