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Low Voltage Lamp Driver

wires and crimps


This product was originally designed to replace the Norton Commando 'warning light simulator', where it could use the standard Lucas 'idiot' warning lamp. The state-of-the-art encapsulated device can be readily used in many other automotive application and battery warning applications.

A warning lamp (not included) will illuminate when the system voltage is below the normal rest voltage of a charged battery.

The LVLD is small (20 x 20 x 10mm) and light enough to be inserted inside a wiring loom, or cable-tied to it.


Lamp goes OFF as voltage rises above 12.55V ±1%
Lamp turns ON as voltage falls below 12.15V ±1%
Maximum voltage: 24V
Reverse polarity protected (warning lamp will be ON)
Lamp over-current protected (only with correct polarity)
Quiescent current: 6mA (Lamp-ON) / 3mA (Lamp-OFF)
Maximum lamp current: 3A peak, 1A continuous